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Poissa Rene

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Fanshop of HJK
« : 20.12.08 - klo:12:53 »
Good day HJK fans! Merry X-mas!!!  :)

Where is locate a HJK fan-shop there at Helsinki? Please write me a adress of shop there and time of work.
Beforehand, thanks a lot for your answer

Have a nice time there!  :ylos:


Poissa Samba

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Vs: Fanshop of HJK
« Vastaus #1 : 20.12.08 - klo:13:37 »
HJK fan-shop is located at Finnair Stadium. The adress is Urheilukatu 5, but it is closed, unless it is a match day. Altought it is closed, you still can go there, you just have to call to HJK marketing manager Markku Peltoniemi (+35840 551 6540) and schedule a meeting with him. Remember to take cash with you.

You can allso find some HJK fan products on sale in Stadium-stores (e.g.Stadium Forum, Mannerheimintie 20) in Helsinki, but the variety is much more constricted than what it is in HJK Shop.

I hope you  understand my bad english.
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"Tarkoitushan on olla pelissä parempi, eli tehdä enemmän maaleja."

Poissa Samba

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Vs: Fanshop of HJK
« Vastaus #2 : 20.12.08 - klo:14:13 »
My friend Samba, big thanks for your detailed information concerning a fanshop of HJK. Special thanks, that you have warned me that the shop does not work in days when there is no matches. I'll try to contact mr. Peltoniemi. Is it his mobile or work number?

Rather Forum shop, I'll visit it if mr. Peltoniemi cannot have a meeting with me and sell to me the goods. Last year, I visited not less large shop Stockmann there at center of Helsinki, but did not find there something from HJK...
That is Markkus´ cellphone number, so he should be on your reach all the time, unless he is in a meeting.

What you say about Stockmann is true, there are no products from any finnish football club on sale, mostly because (unfortunately) english and spanish football clubs are much popular in Finland so shopkeepers usually sells only products from big international clubs like Real Madrid, Barcelona, Arsenal and so on, as they sell much more better and on bigger profit.
"Tarkoitushan on olla pelissä parempi, eli tehdä enemmän maaleja."

Poissa Andi

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Vs: Fanshop of HJK
« Vastaus #3 : 21.12.08 - klo:18:40 »
markku.peltoniemi(a)   :forza:

Poissa Lo²

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Vs: Fanshop of HJK
« Vastaus #4 : 23.12.08 - klo:04:23 »
another football shop to visit : Duosport on Arkadiankatu  ;)

Poissa MiG

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Vs: Fanshop of HJK
« Vastaus #5 : 25.12.08 - klo:16:35 »
Mind you, it's Christmas and he probably reads his HJK email only on working days. Btw. I wouldn't keep my hopes high about shopping at the fan shop on the New Years Eve, let alone the New Years Day...  :-\

Poissa Vellu

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Vs: Fanshop of HJK
« Vastaus #6 : 25.12.08 - klo:22:58 »
hello Rene. Surely back in your homecountry Russia everybody is working during Christmas time. Especially those customs officers at Finnish-Russian border having now 30 kilometers long row of lorries waiting for customs service. Russian duty, where is it nowadays ;D ;D ;D


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Vs: Fanshop of HJK
« Vastaus #7 : 30.12.08 - klo:17:13 »
Hmmmm... HJK has a strange marketing manager...
I have sent him already two eMails but no any answers... Marketing manager which isn't interesting at marketing??? :sleepy:

Peltsi has a famous habit that he only reads his emails but never answers to anyone. Silence is gold. :forza:

Poissa Basileios

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Vs: Fanshop of HJK
« Vastaus #8 : 26.01.09 - klo:20:34 »
Is there any HJK products in that shop between Kisis and Finski?

Poissa Hagish

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Vs: Fanshop of HJK
« Vastaus #9 : 27.01.09 - klo:02:23 »
I don't know what is a Kisis and Finski... ??? :P

Kisis is indoor sporting hall Kisahalli on Mannerheimintie and Finski is nickname for Finnair Stadium. And the place i think Basileios is talkin about is Palloilukeskus. I don't think they sell HJK stuff there.
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