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ForzaHJK goes to London
« : 27.02.10 - klo:00:47 »
We are very pleased to announce, that ForzaHJK will travel to London on Thu 1st April - Mon 5th April.

The schedule is at this time the following:

1st of April. BA0795  Helsinki                               -London 0755-0905 Heathrow Terminal 3
5th of April  BA0798  London(Heathrow Terminal 3 )-Helsinki 1820-2310

Our Hotel:
Euro Queens Hotel
122 Church Road, Crystal Palace LONDON        

At the moment we are together 12 persons travelling, but of course you can still join our trip.

The official plan is at the moment:
Sat 3th April 3.00 PM Dulwich Hamlet FC - Mertsham FC at Champion Hill Stadium together with Rabblers
Rabblers - ForzaHJK Friendship match TBA

More details will be later, links:

Yes, we are very happy to see again our Londoner friends and  we'll surely have fun together again.

And we gaffers, Mick and Vellu, arrange together what we will do in London  :beer:

London, here we come  8)  
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Vs: ForzaHJK goes to London
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Great news. We look forward to seeing you all again.

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Vs: ForzaHJK goes to London
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Ok. Tomorrow to London, Cheers  :tuoppi:

Here are the 'official' happenings during our trip  8)

Thu 1st April. At 8 PM  European Leaque Fulham FC - Wolfsburg. Some of us see the match at Graven Cottage, some
in Patrick's Pub in Crystal Palace area.

Fri 2nd April. At 7.45 PM Millwall FC - Brentford at the Den. We'll try all catch that match.

Sat 3th April. At 10 AM  Rabblers - ForzaHJK. Located at Dulwich Park, somewhere in Crystal Palace Area
                   At  3 PM.  Dulwich Hamlet FC - Mertsham FC at Champion Hill Stadium. We all are there ..

Sun 4th April At 3 PM    Fulham FC - Wigan FC at Graven Cottage. We all are there.

Here is also a Google Map of some import places in our trip. London, here we come  :),-0.197754&spn=0.187416,0.53833&z=11
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Vs: ForzaHJK goes to London
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It was very wunderful trip to London for us. Now we have returned back, being very tired but also very, very happy after the trip :)

Our trip started in 1st April. Flying to London went well and then we took taxi from Heathrow to Crystal Palace. It took long time to drive our hotel Queens at Church Road, which wasn't so decent place what we had expected. But we could get easily those Oystercards from shop in Weston Street nearby. Also we learned way to Crystal Palace Station, where we take trains to Victoria or Dulwich/London Bridge.

So on Thursday we very fast travelled to Victoria Station and looked around in center. In the evening some of us went see European leaque match Fulham-Wolfsburg to Graven Cottage, while we others met our Londoner friends, Rabblers, in Patrick's Pub near our hotel. Yes, it was fun to drink beer together with them and watch that match on TV.

On Friday we had time to travel round London and see those famous places, before in the evening we gathered to Fuller Pub in London Bridge. And then Phil and Dawn guided us to Milwall's homeground to see Millwall-Brentford match. And Stephane, our friend from Bruxelles, was with us. Yes, we saw the the Den and there was very good atmosphere in the Den. There were also a lot of Brentford fans around, as Brentford town was only 10 miles away. The match ended 1-1 and then we went take aftergame beers to some pub near London Bridge. And finally we took taxi to Crystal Palace and to our favorite pub, White Hart in Church Road.

Yes, we really liked the White Hart Pub during our trip. You can have very good Fish&Chips and very tasteful beers there. And we met a lot people there, especially some norwegian football fans, too.

Then was the great day on Saturday. Early in the morning after breakfast we started move to Dulwich Park, travelling by train from Crystal Palace to Northern Dulwich. And Mick very kindly guided us to the field, where we were going play the friendship match Rabblers - ForzaHJK. Well, it has been raining almost every day in many last weeks, so field was very wet and slippery. Well, we were not so used to play under such conditions, so Rabblers took the lead very early. The match ended 6-3, and 2 goals were made by James(a loan from Rabblers) and our great target player Mikko "the Rooney". Our Rooney's goal was really great.

Then after our own match, we started to move to Champion Hill Stadium. We went first to Hamlet Pub, located in Stadium. We could first take some beers, before we were invited the see Ball Room of Dulwich Hamlet. The Chairman Jack Payne kindly told us, while drinking Champagne together, about history of Dulwich Hamlet in Ball Room, which ceilings were full pictures of past time and other memories. And we also gave him the HJK pennant as memory of our trip. It was a great honor for us to visit the Ball Room.

So the match Dulwich Hamlet FC - Merstham FC started at 3 PM. And the pitch was very wet and slippery as in our own match, maybe even worse,  and we went to the end behind Merstsham's goal. And yes, Dulwich Hamlet could take 3-1 victory after loosing very many matches in past. Some of us went to Ball Room again during the break. And we had tea and bicuits together with the chairman and others, probably former Dulwich Players. All of them were old lads :)

And we also were given the honor to choose the best player of the game. And it was easy to choose Sol Pinnock as best player, because he scored twiced and passed the third goal. We could give him a bottle of Champagne and ForzaHJK scarf, of course. And we also met the Chairman of Mertsham Ted Hickman, the visiting team, who kindly invited us to visit also the Merstham homeground next time, when we come to London again.

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Vs: ForzaHJK goes to London
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Then we happily left the Champion Hill Stadium and moved on to Hoopers Pub nearby in Dulwich Area. We had to celebrate together for a while in this nice pub, whose bartender was very nice for us, thinking even travelling to Finland. There we had time to recall some happenings in our match, Phil 'HandofGod' Baker etc. Then we took taxi to Crystal palace and to White Hart Pub. And finally to our hotel. The saturday night was really a hard days night for us.

Sunday morning and Fulham match. We had some time to spend in center before heading to Graven Cottage, where Fulham-Wigan match started in 3 PM. Graven Cottage was very pleasent ground, but the atmoshere was louder than in Millwall match. Fulham was perhaps a bit tired after victorius thursdays match, but they finally took 2-1 victory. Nice for Hodgson, who was badly critisized by Fulham fans in first period. We met some finns too in Graven Cottage, namely Jarmo Anttonen Chairman of Kajaanin Haka, with whom we had nice chat together and invitation to Kajaani, of course. We went to one Royal Lion Pub in Fulham after the match. That pub is homepub for Fulham fans. And it was surely very crowded after the match. Then travelling first by bus to center and then to Crystal Palace took so much time. So all pubs were closed at 00:00 when we finally we were back in Crystal Palace.

Finally Monday and leaving London. We had not much time after breakfast, so we decided to Victoria Station and to Sport Pub there. So we saw the Yoevil-Leeds match on TV there, before heading to underground and Heathrow terminals. Nice end for our trip.

Thanks to Mick, Hutty, Matt, Steve, Phil, Dawn, Darren, David, James, Shannon and all the others.

It was a great trip and we'll see again in future. Maybe in Belgium in July, perhaps.

Cheers Vellu aka 'Sir Alex'

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Vs: ForzaHJK goes to London
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Some photos from the trip on Facebook. (Does not require registration.)

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Vs: ForzaHJK goes to London
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Thanks MiG  :ylos:

Really great photos from our trip, especially those of the meeting with Chairman Jack Payne. I haven't got time yet to look my own camera, but I'll try find some nice pictures more.